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Some common sense at last

I was delighted with the news today that common sense has finally prevailed and Kevin Pietersen has been added to the Test squad to tour India later this year.

Something I’ve been banging on about for a while is my belief that there was more than Pietersen at fault here, and I thought that Nick Hoult’s online piece in the Daily Telegraph sums that up quite well.

Yes, Pietersen started it and was the main protagonist, but others need to have a good look at themselves and their (lack of) professionalism in this saga.

I suppose getting Pietersen to fly back from South Africa to meet the players was another test of his commitment. And when back in the country, he was made to travel to Oxford, not a great distance from Heathrow in fairness.

Even so, after flying back to the country from South Africa he might be forgiven for thinking that the team might have travelled to London. Maybe this was another ECB coded message to enforce their authority about who is in charge.

I still can’t get my head around all these people who think that Pietersen is the winner in all this.

He has been consistently humiliated since giving the YouTube interview all those weeks back. He has got no where in his attempts to play a full IPL and he has lost out on the opportunity to help England defend the World T20.

Even if he did get well paid for commentating on the World T20, I can’t believe he wouldn’t have given that up for the opportunity to play in it instead. That said, he did bring most of it on himself.

One last thought on this issue. When he has finished playing it will be interesting to see what he will put in (what I imagine will be) the inevitable book about all this. I can see it now, it will no doubt be explosive and he will probably paint himself in a bad light again.

I still think that England will get a good thrashing in India, although I hope I’m wrong. I just can’t see – even with Pietersen in the side – England being very competitive over a four match Test series.

I get the feeling that a Duncan Fletcher revenge 4-0 whitewash could be on the cards here, I certainly wouldn’t be betting against that happening, especially if England perform like they have in four of the five Test matches played in Asian conditions this year.

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