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Sir Geoffrey does it again.

Couldn’t help but laugh at the reports in Monday’s newspapers that the BBC have had to apologise for a swearing outburst from the controversial and in my opinion very funny Geoff Boycott.

I was watching Sunday’s game on the tele so missed all the radio commentary but the reports say he was overheard shouting ‘fucking tosser’ from the back of the commentary box at the fall of the wicket of Ryan McLaren.

It reminded me of the time around 12 months ago when Five Live had him on the phone to discuss English players participating in the Indian Premier League, it was in response to suggestions made by Andrew Flintoff that the England players could learn more and become better players if they played in the IPL.

Naturally Geoff didn’t agree with Flintoff’s observation and suggested financial motives where the real reason behind the idea.

The interview by Mark Saggers ended in abrupt fashion when after a typical Boycott rant he concluded things by saying that the theory from Flintoff was a load of ‘Bollocks’.

During Sagger’s apology (it was about 8 in the evening) to anyone offended by the language you could hear studio guests John Motson and the other guest (I can’t quite remember who it was) sniggering in the background, Saggers, by this stage laughing himself went on to say Boycott – who was in his South African home, two hours ahead of GMT – might have been on the wine as it was late at night where he was.

It was Sir Geoffrey at his best.

I hope the BBC don’t decide to get rid of him or not ‘renew his contract’ in light of this latest misdemeanour as his absence would be a loss for cricket. Although not in everyones opinion.

It would be ironic if he where to be sacked or moved sideways, as with his old adversary Duncan Fletcher turning up in the TMS box the sight of Boycs packing his things and being escourted off the premises in the presence of Fletcher would be a sight to behold for “our esteemed former coach” who certainly wouldn’t miss him.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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