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Shane Who?

It’s amazing how quick things and opinions can change in the world of cricket and sport in general.

One week ago half of Australia was clamouring for the return of Shane Warne. Unbelievably they wanted Warne to walk back into the Australia side and take over as captain nearly four years since he last played test cricket.

How could any sane minded person really have considered this as a viable option? It’s total madness.

But where has all that talk gone now? Apparently now everything is ok. They don’t need Warne after all.

There was a similar over reaction in England back in 2009 after we got demolished at Headingley by Australia to level the series 1-1. England were gone, we had no chance of winning at the Oval.

It was time to panic and come up with all kinds of mad theories to save English cricket. The whole team needed booting out and replacing, we were crap, clueless, sack the selectors and even the PM, etc

We needed Trescothick to come back from retirement. We needed Ramprakash, yes, Mark Ramprakash, the man who failed how many times for England to come back. If we didn’t recall one or both of these we had no chance.

Why not Graeme Hick and Ian Botham as well? I’m sure Sky wouldn’t miss him for 5 days, what, just the 5 days?

Ranulph Fiennes, Winston Churchill, Eddie Edwards, we needed them all. Just like Australia needed Warne, Bradman and Harold Holt back for Perth.

Now what will happen after this latest thrashing? Will there be calls for the head of Strauss? That Andy Flower’s useless too, bring back Duncan Fletcher, he knows how to beat Australia!

I do believe in spite of the Australian victory, that their selectors got a bit lucky in this test match. Yes they were right to ignore the Warne recall, but they took a big risk playing Steven Smith at No.6 in such a big game.

I’m not even convinced that they totally knew what the gamble was they were taking themselves, I think a lot of it was change for ther sake of change. The Smith experiment certainly didn’t work.

After all that they didn’t even need him. I don’t suppose they were banking on the helping hand they got from England’s batsmen. Will they stick with the winning formula, or will they pick a team suited for Melbourne.

They had a similar problem after winning at Headingley in 2009 and got it badly wrong for the Oval test match, will they learn this time?

Will they bring back a specialist spinner for Melbourne? I’m sure that England like the look of Smith as their No.6 batsman and front line spin bowler.

Selectors get plenty of stick, some justified and some not. I am guilty of giving them stick myself, but I think on the whole they get more right than wrong. What they don’t do, thankfully, is get carried away with mass hysteria after one defeat.

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  1. Pathetic article. Don’t clog up the net with this sort of rubbish.

  2. Thank you, constructive feedback is always appreciated on this site.

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