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Shane Watson on Lord’s Honours Board

When I heard earlier today that England have risen in the Fifa football world rankings on the back of their pathetic World Cup performances, I thought I had heard it all.

That was before I heard the shocking news that Shane Watson has made it onto the Lord’s honours board, and, for his bowling!

How the hell could this be allowed to happen?

What kind of test team gets bowled out by Shane Watson? His 5/40 from 7.5 overs looks more like figures from an ODI game.

Apparently the officials at Lord’s have created a new honours board for neutral tests, I suggest they take it a step further and create a seperate one for bowlers like Watson and Paul Harris. Maybe naming it after Richard Illingworth.

What next? As it would now appear that anything is possible.

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow to learn that Fabio Capello has been named Manager of the Year.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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