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Relieved to see some Cricket

I was very relieved this morning to see that all the looting and thieving bastards hadn’t prevented the third test from taking place at Edgbaston, especially as I am going on Friday.

I must admit to feeling a bit of trepidation as I drove towards Birmingham this morning on my way to work and seen a big thick black plume of smoke rising from what looked like the Aston area of the City. Thankfully it turned out to be an unrelated Scrap Yard fire, or an insurance job, as I believe it is generally known in the trade.
I noticed that ECB said it would only call off the test if advised (more like ordered) too by West Midlands police, which was in stark contrast to the Football Association who seemed to give in without much of a fight in calling off the football friendly with Holland at Wembley.
Good old Giles Clarke, what chance him taking a decision that would cost ECB a few quid? Absolutely none!
To matters on the pitch and Tim Bresnan continues to nail down his spot in the side with a sledgehammer, the ball that got rid of Dravid was almost unplayable.
Could Chris Tremlett have got injured at any worse a time? Who would have thought that after Tremlett’s magnificent performances in the Ashes, that by August he wouldn’t be able to get in the side?
It was good to see Dhoni chip in with a few runs today. After the way he led India to the world cup as a captain and with the bat, it would be harsh to see him getting slaughtered on his return to India for the teams and his own performances in this series. At least a few runs from him here should help.
England look to be in a great position here again. Strauss would have taken the current match situation when he won the toss, despite India’s slight recovery during the afternoon. At the moment unless there is a momentous turnaround in this match, it looks like only the Birmingham weather can save India.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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