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Before today I, and probably the majority of English cricket observers wondered whether England were more a lame racehorse in desperate need of putting down.

Or if, after all the entertainment and near misses, England were actually the team who’s name was already on the trophy.

After a quarter-final more one sided than the West Indies’ capitualtion against Pakistan, it’s ‘question answered’.

I’m going to go away now and wonder how embarrassed I might be if I were South African, rather than English.

It’s comforting to know there’s always someone worse off than yourself:)

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Tough luck, mate….too many injuries, loss of form for key players and coming up against a pre-tournament favorite….there is no shame, really…

  2. Thanks Tracer, I wasn’t expecting too much from them because in reality they have been a disaster in this tournament, so I wasn’t massively disappointed – or surprised – yesterday as it was half expected.

    Maybe they were tired, as they certainly didn’t respond in the field, I wouldn’t like to use it as an excuse though.

    The three prvious 3 Aussie world cup winning sides probably went to the world cup tired and they managed to come through (not that I’m camparing this England team with any of them, as I’m not), England just weren’t good enough.

  3. Hahaaa.

    I think Nasser Hussain was dead right Dean. England have the orthodox players, the grinders but they dont have that natural spark. If I’m honest, they did well to get so far. I feel for Rashid though….flew all the way from the Caribbean to India for nothing!

    I got the NZ SA result right didn’t I? I think satan’s tempting me to take up betting mate!

  4. I thought about it while I was listening to it on the radio, just think that £11.25 could have changed your life.

    By the way, I’ve mailed you for advice as I’m already stuck on my ‘facebook’ attempt.

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