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Prior and Dar do ICC’s job for them!

There was some justice dished out in Ricky Ponting’s direction in the form of Matt Prior’s innings following a correct reprieve from the impressive Aleem Dar. The ICC don’t seem capable of punishing Ponting, so it was good to see Dar’s ‘non biased’ intervention punish him instead.

The match situation when Prior edged Johnson behind on 1 meant Australia would have been back in with a bit of a sniff, as at the time England were wobbling badly and on he verge of a major collapse.

Aleem Dar has certainly done his job with a lot more skill, accuracy, composure, class and dignity than Ricky Ponting has in Melbourne. In fact I think Dar went well beyond the call of duty and was excellent in all he did.

Ponting should have been suspended for the SCG test in my opinion. He went way too far last night and was a disgrace, even some of his teammates you could see in the background looked embarrassed by his actions.

The fact that Ponting looks set to lose his job as captain, either before or after the Sydney test match is irrelevant. ICC should not be making decisions based on compassion, the decision should have been based on the facts.

Did the ICC show compassion on Ricky’s behalf? In my opinion, yes, they did.

Lately, dissent and over the top behaviour in cricket has been getting a bit too frequent for my liking. I believe that ICC have missed a chance to clamp down on dissent and set a high profile precedent with Ricky Ponting. If he is going to argue the toss like that over something he didn’t even see, then what might he dispute next?

He’s not the only one though. We have seen acts of petulance from Stuart Broad, although watching a profile on his father the other day showed it went on in days gone by too.

There was also the ugly scenes between Australia and India in the 2007-08 series, with all the rubbish with Harbhajan Singh, Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden.

I also remember in the Sydney test match of that same series, seeing Ricky Ponting raising the finger on behalf on the umpire and pointing Sourav Ganguly back to the pavilion when he rightly questioned a catch in the slips. It was yet another example of Ponting crossing the line.

It wasn’t great in the Australia V West Indies series last year with Sulieman Benn, Mitchell Johnson and Brad Haddin. I though the Aussies got away with that one a bit as well.

I know cricket has a long way to go to catch up with football. But in order to ensure we never go down that road it’s time for ICC to really get tough with acts of petulance and blatent dissent.

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  1. I went for a slightly self-indulgent take on it, trying to give a bit of weight to what’s obviously going on in Ponting’s mind, but fundamentally I agree. The ICC should have thrown the book at him.

    Dar is the best umpire in the world, bar none. And I feel that his achievement is all the greater when you consider his nationality. He comes from a country which has a history of producing the worst umpires in the known universe – incompetent at best, corrupt at worst – and he’s kicked against all that to get to the very top.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with that take on Aleem Dar, Brian.

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