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Poor old Sepp

Poor old Sepp Blatter was bemoaning the entrapment tactics of the British press at FIFA HQ on Friday. He still seems to think that FIFA members are the victims of a nasty sting by those naughty boys at the Sunday Times.

Blatter said, “But I cannot say that it is very fair when you open traps to entrap people. But if the objective is to have a clean sheet in football then I can understand it. These decisions may not have found total support of all the members of the executive committee, it would be exaggerated to pretend that.”

The point is Sepp, if your members are stupid and greedy enough to fall into the traps then they get what they deserve – although in not getting life bans, that is debatable.

He also says that these bans don’t have the total support of all the members. Why dosen’t that surprise me.

It seems that FIFA have got very offended that someone has had the audacity to try and expose their cushy little club. But why? There has been allegations of corruption for years, surely anyone with half a brain would have been expecting this.

Maybe they were expecting the sting to come in the form of a bloke wearing Arab robes and carrying a copy of the News of the World under his arm.

Somehow listening to Blatter’s comments, I can’t really see anything changing at FIFA, they still appear to be in denial.

With regard to his claim that the sting won’t affect England’s chances of hosting the 2018 world cup, I’m not convinced by that either. But if not buying into FIFA’s way of doing business costs England, then surely it’s a price worth paying.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. What silly and careless statements to make. He should be seen to be saying that football needs to get rid of this kind of corruption! Maybe he’s up to some himself!

    It still amazes me how the biggest sport in the world has these clowns at the top.

    As a general view of the bidding process; I think there’s too much glitz and pampering involved. This process should be much more professional and less in the media….unless there’s a sting of course!

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