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Pietersen’s latest childish twitter remarks

I never criticise Kevin Pietersen’s batting or cricket in general on this blog. I think a lot of the stick he has come in for over the years is wrong, and that at times in the past he has carried England’s batting almost single handed.

I’ve also been criticised in the past for saying this – but I really do believe that we owe him big time.

At the same time I’ve mentioned it on here before about Pietersen’s twitter comments, they have been stupid and childish in my view and are getting worse.

That’s why I am delighted to see the ECB give him a kick up the arse over it.

I really don’t see where he is going with his what seems to be bitter vendetta against Nick Knight, Knight is hardly an outspoken commentator who rubs people up with outrageous views, he’s certainly no Geoff Boycott is he?

Singling out Knight in this manner seems daft. It’s making Pietersen look somehow jealous or bitter. Is there something Knight has done to Pietersen that is really that bad? Or is this just as stupid as it seems?

It’s not just Knight either, as in the past he has had a swipe at Dominic Cork and Kepler Wessels.

Come on Pietersen, time to grow up and get the chip off your shoulder.

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