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Pietersen dropped by England

Kevin Pietersen was pissed off to say the least with the England selectors decision to drop him from both squads for the upcoming T20’s and ODI’s against Pakistan.

His Tweet ‘Its a Fuke Up!!’, hasn’t gone down too well with national selector Geoff Miller, who claims he will speak to KP about it.

On the surface though, it does look like a fuck-up. To say that this morning, and then say this afternoon “While I’m naturally disappointed to have been omitted from the England squad, I fully understand the reasons why and will be doing everything I can to get back into the England team,” suggests there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere.

Looking in from the outside I get the impression that KP got the message this morning that he had been dropped. He then made his twitter outburst expressing his feelings, before Miller or someone in the England camp explained to him that it was part of a plan to get him playing county cricket to regain his form.

Surely it must have dawned on someone that KP is a bit fragile at the moment, he would appear to be still be struggling with the humiliation of losing the captaincy and he dosen’t need what he considers to be another embarrassing snub from England.

In a way I can see some logic in this decision. Doing this gives him a chance to spend some time in the middle and work on rebuilding his confidence. But on the other hand it could be a further knock to his confidence. It is a big, big call so close to the Ashes, and I can only hope the selectors have got it right.

All the KP knockers will now be queing up to say ‘I told you so’. And the Aussies will no doubt be giving their opinions from afar, I bet they are laughing their heads off at this mess.

I have no doubt that Pietersen wants to play for England, you only have to look at his body language in the field whenever England take a wicket, he is nearly always the first man on the scene to celebrate.

I’m also loathed to criticize the selectors as they have done a good job lately. They have finally got their act together with the one day squads, and their policy of continuity in the test squad also seemed to be paying off. So why take this risk now?

A further negative that could cause Pietersen to have a gripe over this, is the fact that the selectors have backed other players through dodgy test form recently. The continued backing of Cook and Collingwood must have Pietersen wondering why he is the only one to carry the can.

Just under a year ago I wrote an article about England being more of a team of personalities, rather than talent, and this could be further proof.

Why hasn’t Paul Collingwood been despatched back to his county in such ruthless fashion? I know he is T20 captain, and has to play in those games. But surely he could go back to his county instead of playing in the 50 over games? After all Collingwood has only manged to play one 1st class game for Durham this season, and KP scored more runs than him in the Pakistan series.

The continued support of Alastair Cook, who – despite his century – still looks all over the place with his footwork, and the seemingly different treatment reserved for Collingwood could further unstable KP’s mind and leave him wondering why he seems to be getting singled out.

I almost get the feeling that there could be more to this decision than Geoff Miller is letting on, thats it’s not purely a cricketing decision. England’s Ashes campaign could depend on the outcome of this, so I hope Geoff Miller knows what he is doing.

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