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Peter Siddle – A true Aussie Hero

Oh how disappointed I am with what Peter Siddle did today. We were so close to seeing Australia totally humiliated at Newlands, at 21/9, I was convinced that Australia would set the lowest ever test score in the history of cricket.

For a few brief few moments the dream was alive, but just like he did in the 1st innings, Peter Siddle dug in and hung around for long enough to a job for his team just when they needed it most. Ok, so 47 all out is nothing to write home about, but it is better than 26 (lowest test score ever, by NZ) or 36 (Australia’s lowest ever test score).

Skipper, Michael Clarke called the batting “disgraceful,” I would ask was it really that good?

Brad Haddin played a shot when the score was 18/5 that, I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say, he should be dropped for.

It was scandalous, the only thing I seen that was more shocking today (and there was some shocking stuff), was Billy Doctrove’s decision not to give Shaun Marsh out lbw to Vernon Philander.

It was so out it was unbelievable, Philander (who was making his debut) didn’t even consult his skipper over the review and was celebrating with high-fives long before the decision was overturned, such was his confidence it was out.

On top of that Shane Watson got another five wicket haul, and in just 21 balls. He now has 3 five-fors, which is the same amount as Andrew Flintoff got in his whole career. Another person to have a bad day at the office was Jacques Rudolph, on his return to test cricket he suffered the ignominy of being out twice in a day.

After all that, if Australia can get off to a good start tomorrow morning, they could still win the test. Will there be any more surprises in store tomorrow? I wouldn’t bet against it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Doctrove is a well-known refuser of plumb elbees. The DRS was made to rectify all his stuff-ups.

    I must say I think you’ll find a few Aussies who wanted them to go down for around 22. It would have been more fitting somehow.

  2. Thanks for comment, I know where you are coming from with regard to getting out for 22, sometimes it takes a real proper humiliation to focus minds to the real problems.

    As an England fan, I know that only too well.

  3. I’ll second that. Billy Doctrove – the ‘Not Outer’s Not Outer’.

    A potent point about Watson and Flintoff. It says more about Flintoff than Watson in my view, though Watson’s bowling has probably been unfairly underestimated.

  4. Totally agree with your pint about Watson and Flintoff, Brian.

    I take the mickey out of Watson’s bowling a bit on here, but in reality it’s a lot better than he’s given credit for. He is a more than handy cricketer, and a lot of teams in world cricket would love to have a 5th bowler of that quality, including England.

    Same goes for Paul Harris, although I’ve given him stick, he didn’t become a top 10 ranked test bowler by being as bad as he is made out to be.

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