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Oh dear, England

I went to bed very tired on Monday night for various reason, mainly a lack of sleep, so with this in mind I didn’t intent to get up early to catch the start of the cricket – and what a good decision that turned out to be!

I did wake up early(ish), so I checked the app on my smart phone (no, I don’t have an iphone, I’m not rich enough) and seen that England were 42/4 (effectively 42/5 as Pietersen was facing a slow left arm bowler at the time),  and at that moment I knew I’d made the decent call not to get up.

I also noticed on the app that there was a brief report on it about how Strauss had won the toss and elected to bat, and it mentioned how the wicket didn’t look like it had anything in it, etc. Not sure if they were the words of Struass’ or not, as I was still too bleary eyed and shocked to take it all in properly.

It was at this point that I put my phone down and rolled back over and tried to get another half hour.

When I finally surfaced it was lunch and – yes – Pietersen had succumbed to the left armer and we were 5 down. I then sat through a pre recorded interview with Andy Flower in which he talked about how England had upped their run rate in test cricket, etc, etc – I have to say that the irony of the situation certainly wasn’t lost on me with just the 55 runs in the previous session.

I couldn’t help but feel at the time that the whole thing had a calamitous look about it, that it was destined to get worse.

In the end I’m not sure it did, as to get to where we did get after the lunch scorecard wasn’t a bad effort in the end. Matt Prior showed what a top class performer he has now become and just about kept England in the match with his innings.

I think (and hope) this could turn out to be a significant innings for Prior, because I can see his keeping perhaps struggling a bit on these dusty surfaces over the next three tours. This innings may be just the tonic to get him off on the right footing and will hopefully set the tone for his performances both, in front off and behind the stumps.

England are just about still in this game, will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. That was abysmal.

    I’m delighted for my team, but expected England to challenge at least.

    Basically no chance for England to win the series 2-1 now.

    Their best hope it to square it in Dubai.

    Unless you play woefully the Abu Dhabi pitch is not really result orientated and a draw is more often than not the case.

    Personally, I am over the moon with our test performances of late, undefeated in 8 tests in a row and winning 6 of them, on track to win 5th test series and drawn 2 in our last 7.

    Pakistan Cricket is moving in the right direction for sure.
    England has to do something about improving their sub continental cricket let it be ODIs or tests.

    Let’s see if your guys can bounce back.

  2. Congratulations Maaz, I have to say that I have been impressed with Pakistan. I know England’s batting wasn’t great, but I would not take anything away from Pakistan.

    The thing that impressed me the most is the way they handled themselves, they seemed a well drilled unit, the self destruct button was no where to be seen – long may it continue.

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