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No more being the "ridiculous enforcer" for Broad

I think it’s safe to say that Andy Flower made his feelings fairly clear in a recent interview with the Guardian about the role of Stuart Broad in the England side.

I believe Flower was sending a direct public message to Broad, a method which is very unlike Flower, when he said he expects him to be more accurate and forget this ridiculous role of being England’s so called enforcer.
But in saying about Broad, “His job is to create pressure and to take wickets and to do that you generally bowl off stump. So his job is not to rough up the opposition,” I do have to ask myself just what plan (if any) has Broad been bowling too lately? Because it certainly isn’t the one mentioned above by Andy Flower.
So has Broad been taking it upon himself to bowl the short stuff? Or has his role in the team become unclear recently and this is Flower’s way of pointing Broad in the direction he wants him going in?
Either way I think it is fair to say that Broad’s role in the side hasn’t been clear to England followers for some time now. Personally I think back to the Oval in 2009 and the spell he bowled against Australia pitching it up and getting seam movement and wish he would go back to bowling that line and length again.
These comments from Andy Flower further underline my belief that Broad will start on Thursday and it will be interesting to see what line and in what manner Broad bowls.
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