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Matt Flynn: The Guy To Watch?

New England Patriots are on record stating that ‘nothing changes’ despite the absence of 4-time champion Tom Brady who is serving a 4-game suspension. Fantasy fans may argue that it may be because of the arrival of new signing Matt Flynn who shall serve as a backup for the 2nd year passer Jimy Garoppolo (whose resent form is on a downward trend based on the practice session).

Matt Flynn comes in at the expense, or some may say good riddance, of Garrett Gilbert. He is considered a 3rd-string Quarterback (QB) amongst 6 other transactions by the Patriots whose last appearance in the team’s jersey was at a media portion of practice at Gillette Stadium.

Critiques are on track with Flynn’s case considering the new signing’s dry spell at Green Bay with regards to a drop in his arm strength rating him as a top cream of the ‘not to sign’ bunch this coming season. But will the former Packer’s QB rise above his critiques and bring glory as a Patriot?? Most daily cash fantasy website fans believe that this would be an ideal time for Packer. Only time will tell as team officials claim, that in this league, most are signed for experience and hard-work, rather than anything else from the player. Better still, you can pick 5 players in the league whom you think shall sparkle in the kick-off match against the Steelers for a chance to win $100. There are going to be instant cash payouts for the winning teams.

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