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Marc Lievremont’s Moustache

I have to admit I was taken aback when I seen the caterpillar style tash above Lievremont’s top lip in Saturday’s quarter final victory over England and did instantly think he must be wearing it for a bet.

Today confirmation came that it was in fact a bet, along with the news that in the unlikely event that you are barmy enough to have a similar style tash, or are prepared to don a false one this weekend, you can get into the Bayonne V Montpellier game for half price.

Bayonne is home to one of Lievremont’s brothers who is a coach there, while the bet was apparently with Englishman David Ellis, who is a French defensive coach.

The trend must be catching because there was a strange looking mark above Gary Lineker’s top lip that was noticeable during the BBC’s coverage of Scotland’s training session without the ball in Spain tonight, either that or there was a remarkably well directed shadow in the BBC studio.

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