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Jonathan Trott’s Abysmal Conversion Rate

How many times is he going to get to 50 and not convert? This can’t keep continuing. This is the 5th time in 7 innings that Trott has failed to convert 50 into 100.

This simply isn’t good enough, if he doesn’t up his performance soon, England will have no choice but to drop him.

His scores so far in this world cup are 62 (Holland), 16 (India), 92 (Ireland), 52 (South Africa), 67 (Bangladesh), 47 (West Indies) and 86 (Sri Lanka). I think everyone will agree, that is an appalling rate of conversion.

Compare that to Andrew Strauss who has a century (158, India) and a half century (88, Holland) to his name and you can see how bad Trott is, Strauss has a far superior conversion rate.

Then we have other high scorers that put Trott to shame, we have Bell with 69 (India) and 81 (Ireland). Pietersen 59 (Ireland), Bopara 60 (South Africa), erm, Morgan 63 (Bangladesh) and 50 (Sri Lanka), (embarrassed cough) Wright 44 (West Indies), bloody hell is that all, Collingwood 30 (Holland) and oh my god, are we really that bad, Prior 22 (Sri Lanka).

Erm, maybe Trott is doing a bit better than I first thought. Maybe I was wrong to listen to all those ex-players and cricketing experts who say that Trott is too ‘one paced’ for 50 over cricket.

Well on these pitches he’s just what is required. So far he has scored 422 runs at an average of 60.28 in this world cup. A ‘one paced’ Trott style innings would almost certainly have seen South Africa home yesterday as well.

Would he be able to adapt and play more shots on a 300+ runs flat bed wicket? That remains to be seen and when he gets the chance we will find out.

I certainly wouldn’t bet against it, as on current form I wouldn’t put anything past him.

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