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Job Vacancy at ECB

The England and Wales Cricket Board have a vacancy for an experienced Public Relations expert.

The successful applicant will be expected to demonstrate an ability to divert public attention away from any potentially embarrassing incidents involving the ECB and any of it’s bat throwing employees by understating any potential incidents with sensible, accurate sounding, prompt statements, that don’t insult the publics intelligence.

The successful applicant will also be expected to not have to withdraw one ridiculous sounding statement, only to replace it with another one that sounds just as stupid and only serve to bring more attention to the potentially embarrassing incident which it will be your job to try and divert any potential attention away from.

Failing to find such a person, the ECB will happily consider employing anyone who has previously held manual labouring posts at Everest, Safestyle, etc, etc.

Please enclose CV and make applications in writing to

The England and Wales Cricket Board
Lord’s Cricket Ground
London NW8 8QZ

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  1. It was ridiculous, wasn’t it, Dean? Why can’t they just say what happened, rather than pretending it was all more innocent and accidental than it obviously was?

    I’m surprised Swanny hasn’t posted a video of the incident on Twitter yet.

  2. Did you see Strauss’ face when it happened? Hahaaa

    It was a bit of a crash as well. I’m sure if they were playing Pakistan, some may have thought it was a bomb.

    By the way Dean, what happened to your comment box on here? I came a while back but couldn’t post because there was no comment box?

  3. Brian, it was ridiculous, yes, you’re right. It was a total non event in my view, bats probably get thrown in dressing rooms every day of the season. I hadn’t any intention of writing about it until the ECB started releasing their stupid statements, they managed to turn a small incident into what it has become.

    Hopefully that is it now.

    TJ, I seen the clip on the news last night and found Strauss’ head shaking reaction very funny. He didn’t look impressed in the slightest, did he?

    Without wanting to make too big an issue out of it. Too me, his face said something along the lines of ‘What is that f—ing prick up too this time’

    Don’t know what happened with the comments box. I’ve been having trouble with Blogger for a few weeks now, I couldn’t even publish a post for 2 days a while back. I’ve since found that if I use Google Chrome it works ok.

  4. Anonymous

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