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It just had to be Tremlett!

When I seen the news on Friday morning that Jimmy Anderson had broke or cracked a rib while boxing, I couldn’t help but think that it would be ironic if the man who landed the fateful blow would turn out to be Chris Tremlett.

But then a touch of reality kicked in, I was been totally stupid thinking that! There is no way in the world that anybody with any sense would put a bloke the size of Tremlett in the ring with a bloke the size of Anderson, it must have been someone else who broke his rib.

I mean, you wouldn’t put Amir Khan in the same ring as Vitali Klitschko would you?

Before this trip I had a neutral view about it, I thought Flower and Strauss knew what was best for the squad and that they would make the correct decisions.

I believed that sensible decisions would be taken by sensible people, that the era of people getting kicked up in the air by team mates in football practise at the start of a days play were over for good.

How wrong was I. This is just the kind of outcome that all the cynics of this trip were warning about and most probably waiting for.

It’s not just the damage done to Anderson’s ribs that is a problem. This could possibly upset the psychology of other members of the squad.

How is Chris Tremlett likely to feel should he end up playing in the 1st test as a result of this?

Will it effect him and have a negative impact on him and his bowling?

Will Jimmy Anderson now hold any bad feelings towards Tremlett?

If Anderson is 100% fit for the Brisbane test match, then none of the above should be an issue. If he isn’t then someone, somewhere in the England ranks may have some explaining to do.

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