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Is it time to drop Jimmy?

I’m a bit torn on this one. On Sunday I had made my mind up that Jimmy Anderson has to be the man to make way if Stuart Broad is fit to face Ireland. But now, after a couple of days reflection I’m not so sure.

On present form I don’t think it can be disputed that Anderson isn’t worth his place in the side. That’s not meant in a ‘get rid of him, as he’s crap’ way. It’s meant that he is in a bad run of form and that is probably becasue he is mentally and physically exhausted.

He bowled himself into the ground during the Ashes, he also was backwards and forwards to England after his wife gave birth, all this must now be taking its toll on him.

Do England give him one more chance against Ireland? No disrespect meant to the Irish, but England will face tougher opposition during this tournament and a run out against an Associate side could be what Anderson needs to get himself back on track. Assuming that it’s just his radar and confidence that needs adjusting.

If it’s a bigger problem than that, then maybe it’s time to take him out of the firing line and try to get him ready for the latter stages of the competition.

At the moment he is clearly struggling, whether that is through tiredness, lack of confidence or a bit of both, or maybe even something more sinister, only Jimmy and the England management know.

One thing that is for sure, is that England’s bowling and fielding needs livening up in a big way. Anderson is one of the main culprits in both of these departments recent struggles, so maybe a rest so England can freshen things up a bit would do Jimmy and the team some good.

Another thing that might point to him being left out, is that now we are almost certain to qualify, it is more important that we have him firing on all cylinders come the business end of the tournament.

It will be interesting to see how England handle this problem.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. It wouldn’t hurt to rest him for a while, so that he can work out a strategy to bowl in the subcontinent….whats the point of playing him if he is going to get clobbered again? will only affect the confidence of the player and the team..

  2. Anonymous


    Well, I believe practice makes perfect. Unless Anderson is carrying an injury, I’d play him against Ireland, and in at least 1 more game after that before deciding if he deserves to be in the first XI.

    If you rest him extensively, he won’t regain confidence and his rhythm & form might get worse.

    And Anderson is not like Johnson, who needed to work on technical issues before the Perth test. Anderson has struggled in India before, and unless he gets more games under his belt, he is unlikely to improve.


  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Tracer, if he gets clobbered against Ireland as well, then England have a big problem.

    BP, you’ve picked up on a good point there. If he is carrying an injury or it is tiredness, then they should just leave him out.

    But if it’s confidence then I agree that he probably needs to play.

    England waited a long time for him too come good, many years in fact, and many years longer than a lot of people would have us believe as well, like up til 3 months ago overseas in my opinion (thats another issue).

    Part of the reason it might have taken him so long to come good was the fact that he was constantly in and out of the side.

    Unlike the batsmen, early in his career the selectors chopped and changed too much with him and it must have affected his confidene a bit.

    I suppose the difference now is that he is the leader of the attack and must feel at home with the squad, whereas in the past he must have always felt like he was on trial.

    Another problem on the horizon is Paul Collingwood, he needs runs as well, as he affects the whole balance of the side.

  4. Na, it’s typical favouritism from England. Stick with the struggling players and play them against a lesser team so they can cash in. Then tell everyone they were right to stick by them. Shame for the guys like Shahzad that have to wait on the sidelines again and again.

  5. The Test match between England and South Africa at Durban in 1939 was finally abandoned as a draw on the tenth day because England players had to catch their ship home. ..More update on my blog

  6. indian bowling pitches are for batting , fast bowling some times causes a lot of problem. anderson who can swing the ball at the early overs can take quick wickets…but from last few matches he is not up to the mark… england batting line up was so strong but unfotunately bowling was not good.. recent worldcup matches england as given lot of runs!!!!

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