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India and Aussies produce a thriller

The 5th ODI between India and Australia was a spectacle of a game for the neutral thats for sure, there was excitment to the end with a tight finish and a massive 697 runs were scored in total during the match.

Australia have to be congratulated though, with all the injuries they have had to cope with recently no one could begrudge them this victory, it was testament to the Aussie fighting spirit, the kind of spirit which has seen them remain as the top side in the world for the best part of the last twenty years.

The previous bunch of Aussie players had a lot more ability than the current crop, they were also blessed with the attitude that says the game is never gone until it is over for definate though, a gift this current crop seem to have in abundance.

The fact that they are beating one of the strongest ODI teams in the world on home soil highlights this ‘we will fight to the bitter end’ attitude as at least on two occasions today India had the game in the bag but the Aussies kept coming back at them.

India played their part in the game and Sachin Tendulkar hit a magnificent 175 almost getting them home, the fact that he didn’t get them home says the most though. He all but got them over the line single handed but was let down badly by his team mates, a selection of bad shots and some ridiculous running between the wicket and dodgy fielding was the main reason India lost today, and as MS Dhoni pointed out they also lost the game between the ears.

With such a remarkable effort from Australia I am loathed to say it, but India blew it today. If they are to continue to progress on the world stage and become the top team they will have to learn how to finish a match when put under pressure.

Put simply, Australia piled on the pressure at the end, and put simply, India just couldn’t handle it.

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