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Ian Bell, England’s new world beater!

While watching the afternoon session on Monday, seeing Alastair Cook and Paul Collingwood milking the stop gap easier bowling, waiting for the new ball, I just couldn’t help but think I knew what was going to happen to Ian Bell.

You just knew that when he came out to bat, that he would have a new ball zipping around his ears, with no assistance to the batsman whatsoever.

Unlucky for him you could say, and with Alastair Cook releasing the pressure on himself as well with his century, Bell would have known for definate that he would be the fall guy if changes where to be made later in the tour.

Cook did him no favours by getting out when he did either, exposing him to the new ball.

In 2008 after he scored his 199 at Lord’s against South Africa, I kept hearing about how Bell looked in good form but he kept getting out for 20’s and 30’s.

That for me is the main area that Bell lets himself down, when he is in form he dosen’t cash in enough. The bad times can be just around the corner at test level so you really need to make the most of things when you are in good touch.

When he finally came to the crease, I thought, here we go another failure.

But no, the top lip was curled up in the way it was during that 199 against South Africa, and the 72 against Australia that set up the Ashes victory, the fearsome side of Ian Bell was there for all to see (the one Shane Warne knows too well).

Bell stood firm and fought for his place in the side and is 55 not out over night.

He could again be accused of getting his runs easy as England were 297/4 when he came out to bat, in the eyes of the selectors though, they will be vindicated with their selections of Cook and Bell.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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