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History made at Edgbaston

At Edgbaston on Friday I witnessed history in the making. It wasn’t England racking up over 7 hundred runs, or Alastair Cook’s marathon innings – it was the end of Ravi Bopara’s test career.

I know it sounds harsh and (in isolation) it is only one failure and I did feel a bit sorry for Ravi, but the real damage wasn’t done today, it has been done with the numerous chances he has had in the past. He has never really cut it at this level and it’s surely now time for England to look to the ‘next cab off the rank.’
Although records tumbled, I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. Had I been listening to TMS (as I normally would have been on a Friday), I probably would have been delighted with a solid, professional days cricket from England.
But as a spectator today I couldn’t help feel that the game was just going through the motions. We spent all day waiting to see England up the run rate before declaring and bowling at India. In the end we got a brief sight of India’s batsmen and Sehwag’s wicket was the only thing that really got people jumping up and down with excitement.
Duncan Fletcher should put Sehwag on the first plane back to India after this test match, that shot he played to complete his ‘King Pair’ was absolutely ridiculous, there was no consideration for the state of the game or his team mates, it was an absolute joke.
I thought Eoin Morgan played a good solid innings. Maybe the sight of Ravi Bopara made him knuckle down and fight for his place. He showed today he has the temperament for test cricket, I think his technique might need adjusting, but for me he showed today that England have a player worth sticking with.
He does seem to have an exaggerated movement where he crouches down into a jockey like position just before he plays his shot. I’m not sure whether this could cause him problems in the long run. I suppose years back people said a similar thing about Shivnarine Chanderpaul’s technique and he hasn’t done too badly.
I also couldn’t help but feel disappointed for Alastair Cook missing out on a triple century. Although he basically bored the arse off me all day, I really wanted him to get his triple ton. Chances like that don’t come around too often and it was no surprise too see the disappointment on his face as he dragged himself off the pitch. I couldn’t believe what he had done, the shot was so out of character with the rest of his innings.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. My thoughts exactly re Bopara.

    I was at work all day yesterday and followed it on Cricinfo with a bit of TMS here and there, which may have been better than actually being there (I doubt it, though).

    For all the quality of England, this series has really lacked something, especially since the first day at Trent Bridge. Much of India’s cricket has been shambolic.

  2. I know I shouldn’t say it Brian, but I would have enjoyed it more on TMS.

    Great professional performance, but not a great spectacle to watch.

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