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Has Haider claimed Asylum?

The BBC claim to have evidence that he has. Assuming he has, that would mean producing some sort of proof that it is not safe for him to return to Pakistan.

He could claim to have been threatened by match fixers and gangsters, but surely that would be up to the Pakistani authorities to protect him against them. You would have to imagine that couldn’t be a good enough reason for claiming asylum in the UK.

Working on the assumption that corruption and match fixing is widespread in Pakistan, then would blowing the whistle on the whole thing from top to bottom – naming players, officials, gangsters, etc, anyone involved in anyway – be enough to see him granted political asylum in the UK?

As I’m no asylum lawyer I wouldn’t know the answer, but it would be an interesting scenario if he decided to reveal all.

Depending on how high up the chain the corruption goes, could be a deciding factor in being granted asylum. If it is shown that people in high authority are involved and he has grassed them up, then it could be deemed unsafe to return.

Who knows what links the underworld might have to politicians or police officals, if they have as many players as is rumoured in their pockets, then who else is there?

Failing all that, I’m sure his journey won’t be totally wasted as he probably has the contact phone number of a NOTW journo.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I’m a little concerned at the way the PCB and the Pakistani authorities seem to be trying to discredit him. Could it run that deep? It’s scary to think it could but if it does then I am right behind Haider and he should be protected as much as possible.

  2. Hi Stani,

    Yes, I know what you mean. Everyone who is anyone in Pakistan seems to be trying to make him look like a lost little boy, who is either not right in the head, or heading over to the UK for financial reasons.

    I drive for a living and spend a lot of time thinking up some mad theories about a whole host of things. When I first thought this one up, I also thought it was a bit far fetched and still do a bit.

    But this story is so bizarre that it could have any ending.

  3. I’m afraid it just may be the case Dean. He wasn’t able to provide ACSU with any more information than that which he gave the media, including any details of the person who approached him. Every thing’s unravelling for him I’m afraid. The only way he can turn this one around is if he comes up with names of players involved and any sort of evidence because he doesn’t know who the person was and he doesn’t have any more information, so he may as well have just made it up.

  4. Stani,

    When I seen the interview with the BBC and read the report on what ICC said, I must admit I thought the same.

    He said nothing, anyone can say that they want to see an end to match-fixing – but he provided no evidence at all.

    His story dosen’t tie in with what ICC said either about the two letters he claimed to have passed on.

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