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Haddin ‘drops’ a bombshell this time

It’s amazing that Brad Haddin has had the nerve to speak out and put the boot into India. Haddin’s remark that India break quicker than any other team in the world when things go against them, took me by surprise to say the least.

If I was Haddin, I would be keeping my head down and my mouth shut and just concentrating on my own game, after all, he could easily have been dropped by now. In fact, it might not be too harsh to say that Haddin has only ‘held onto’ his place (but not much more) by default.

Having said all that, if I was an Aussie, in a way I wouldn’t be disappointed. Haddin’s remarks are a sure sign that the team is beginning to regain its swagger and arrogance, it could be interpreted as a sign of the teams returning confidence and self belief that one of it’s supposed under pressure players feels confident enough to speak out in this manner – and after all…………… he is probably right with what he said.

Zaheer has hit back though, claiming it’s Haddin’s keeping that looks fragile. It could all be about to go off again….

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. I was expecting a few words between the 2nd and the 3rd Tests (given the long break), but Haddin was not the one I thought would mouth off. I was expecting it from Hilfenhaus or Siddle (not Pattinson now that he’s ruled out).

    This comment is going to be judged by the result of the Perth Test. The pitches in Australia have been result-oriented all season. Despite the result at SCG, Australia is just about as prone to losing it at Perth as India. One collapse can be decisive, and both batting units are quite capable of collapsing spectacularly!

    So if Australia win, Brad Haddin’s comment will be interpreted as an indication of Australia’s self-belief lost and found back! If India win, it would be a case of the hosts biting off more than what they can chew!

  2. It did take a while before someone started, and yes, I was very surprised to see Haddin was the one to fire the starting gun.

    After what happened in England, I didn’t expect to see anything other than seaming/results wickets in Australia. The Aussies would probably see seam as their stronger discipline, given – as you rightly pointed out – the fragility of their own batting.

    I do think Haddin may well of jumped the gun a bit, especially as Pattinson will be a big miss.

    In a way it’s a massive two tests for India though, these two tests look like they are the last chance for this current team to lose their ‘can’t travel’ tag.

    If anything, given Australia’s batting in general over last 24 months, I would have thought that the ‘can’t travel’ line would have been a more appropriate method of attack for the Aussies to have used.

  3. It’s quite ironic… at this time last year, I had thought that India had finally shed the “can’t travel” tag. Even though series wins in Australia and South Africa were still elusive, but India was always threatening it.

    And now, the situation is entirely different. I still think that Aussies would have been better off not to launch any verbal attack, given that they are not in a very comfortable position themselves. If they manage a 4-0, then the ODIs that follow will be a different ball game altogether (literally and figuratively)!

  4. When you compare this series (so far) and the England one to the way India played in South Africa this time last year, you have to ask just what has changed?

    The test performances in South Africa were more than competitive and I though that India probably won on points (if you follow my drift), which is what makes this series performance (so far) and the England one, all the more surprising.

    And yes, I would have kept my mouth shut if I was an Aussie, if they go on and complete the 4-0 series win, then maybe that would be the time for Haddin to come out with his remarks.

    Especially given his own personal position of being very lucky to still be in the team.

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