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Freddie Flintoff joins Radio 5 Live

I heard Freddie Flintoff on Radio 5 Live earlier today announcing that he is going to be co-presenting a radio show once a week this summer. It’s going to be called ‘Freddie’s World of Sport’ and will run from May to August, apparently covering cricket, golf and tennis.

It sounds a bit like a slightly more adventurous version of the weekly cricket shows that 5 Live have run in the past using Phil Tufnell and Darren Gough.

The shows using Tufnell and Gough ran just after both had appeared on their respective ‘celeb reality TV shows’ and look timed to fully exploit their new found fame. I worked late a lot back in those days and a result listened to them and have to say that they were pretty crap.

I can only hope that this is better, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Flintoff seems adamant that he not going to go down the conventional route of covering cricket in the way the likes of Mike Atherton, Nasser Hussain and Michael Vaughan have.

I know he has to earn a living, but it looks to me that unfortunately Flintoff seems more interested in breaking into the vain ‘celebrity world instead.’

Speaking of the likes of Atherton, Hussain and Vaughan. I noticed that Graeme Swann had a message for some of the media today after England’s defeat to Ireland.

I seem to remember we have been down this road before when the current crop of players get peed off with recent generations for criticising them for doing what they did just as badly themselves in their own days gone by.

Unfortunately it only seems to happen when the team is struggling.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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