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Enough is enough, Mr Butt

So far on this blog I have avoided passing any judgement, or endulging in any serious bashing of the Pakistan cricket team and their alledged involvement in the spot-fixing controversy.

Ok, there may have been the odd sarcastic remark, but no accusations or serious criticism.

It is fair to say that I have dished out a bit of stick to certain elements of the Pakistani political elite, such as the High Commissioner, Wajid Shamsul Hasan and Ijaz Butt.

But generally, I have reserved judgement and am waiting for the results of the investigations by both the police and ICC’s anti-corruption unit before expressing my views. One thing that I do feel obliged to write about now though, is Ijaz Butt and ICC.

Why has this man not been taken to task yet by crickets ruling body? The way he is being allowed to drag cricket through the gutter is a disgrace and a joke.

Ijaz Butt is an ICC director, a role he is entitled to occupy as Pakistan cricket chief. One of his duties in this role though, is too look after the wider good of the game, in other words you put the good of the game ahead of your own national interests.

I think it would be fair to say that Butt has failed miserably to adhere to that rule.

In accusing England in the way he did, he has also claimed to have evidence that England have thrown a match. If this is the case, has he reported it to the ICC anti-corruption unit (ACSU)? Because if he has, it has been kept very quiet.

On the other hand, if he has this evidence and hasn’t passed it on, then surely he has broke the rules regarding not passing on information about match-fixing, which surely should result in some sort of disciplinary action against him.

Either way he must have broke a serious rule somewhere? He has either defamed the England team, or he has withheld evidence. Which is it?

So come on ICC, what are you going to do about it? It’s no good waiting for ECB and/or the England team to sue him and then thinking ‘thats are job done for us’, as that is a private matter for the English.

It’s up to you ICC to take some action, you run the world game. How can you just sit back and watch this loose cannon drag (whats left) of the good name of cricket through the mire like this?

It’s getting ICC nowhere pussy footing around Butt and trying not to give him any more amunition to say ‘the whole world is conspiring against Pakistani cricket’. So tell him ‘to put up, or shut up’! Or just suspend him.

ICC, you (supposedly) run cricket, so why don’t you deal with it and stop letting this man walk all over you.

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