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English teams shown up in Champions League

The Champions League is now at the semi-final stage and both Sussex and Somerset have departed the competition without putting down much of a marker for domestic County Cricket in England.

The apparent gap between the four semi-final teams and the two English sides is alarming and should be a wake up call to Directors of Cricket up and down the country.

For the country that gave the World Twenty20 would appear to be lagging miles behind everyone else on this showing and with the prizes on offer in India these days it’s high time we got our act together.

The days of David Lloyd talking down his microphone to a player via his earpiece fielding on the boundary or a captain trying to set his field in between overs should be put to an end, to be replaced with a more professional attitude with cricket of a much higher intensity than the slapstick, 50 yard boundary, ho ho it’s just a bit of fun type of cricket played under half lit floodlights we are currently being subjected too.

If this attitude towards Twenty20 continues we will only get left further behind, surely a CEO somewhere in the country has by now recognised the fortunes on offer in India and the importance that T20 success could bring to a struggling County side.

Lets see if in 2010 the attitude changes and we see a far more professional outlook to T20 and an end to the ‘Its a knockout’ era.

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