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England won’t make last eight!

That’s the view of Mark Waugh, who is the latest Aussie to line up and have a go at England in the aftermath of our Aussie thrashing. He thinks we won’t even get out of the group.

I also heard him slagging us off pre Ashes, saying how Australia had the stronger side and would beat us.

After Ian Chappell’s more measured approach the other day, Waugh seems to be going the extra yard to try and have a swipe at England. Just what is it with these bitter Aussies?

Like us, Australia put a massive emphasis on test cricket. So why, just after you’ve been destroyed at test cricket by them, would you want to come out and start bleating about how crap that team that just beat you are?

It just makes no sense. I’d like to thing that if the boot (or when next) is on the other foot, our English players will show a bit more humility and keep quiet about other teams.

Ok, so England are currently in a disasterous poor run of form in 50 over cricket and Australia destroyed us at that, no argument there, but there are some mitigating circumstances for this.

In my view Waugh is just bitter, and is using the fact that his one man Australian team beat our tired batsmen and 2nd choice bowling unit in 50 over cricket, to have a cheap shot at England.

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