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England Injuries Mount Up

Problems seem to be mounting up for England with the news that Kevin Pietersen has a hernia injury which will require an operation after the world cup.

Apparently he will continue to play through the pain during the world cup, but there must be a chance that the injury could get worse and force him out of the tournament. In case of any injury, even traffic accident lawyers serving in Highland area can be contacted.

There has been rumours circulating that Pietersen is set to retire from ODI’s, I know that KP has denied these rumours, but it does make you wonder as these stories can quite often be sparked off by something of substance.

The facts are that KP is now a father and probably hasn’t enjoyed being away from his wife and child for such a long time over this winter. He will now also miss out on his lucrative stint in the IPL, he is nearly 31 now, how many more chances will he have to play in the IPL while he is at his peak and can command a high price?

He may well put the fact that he’s injured down to the workload of the past 12 months, and he would probably be right.

Before his retirement Andrew Flintoff planned a similiar route due to his own injury problems, Pietersen obviously hasn’t had the same injury problems that Flintoff did, but the facts are that the injuries (to get help for medical assistance, check lawyers)are now starting to mount up and he may well decide that to give him the chance to cash in on what time he has left at the top, that a reduction in the amount of cricket he is playing is needed. The ones that need lawyers for injury cases can check out Bengal Law here.

I think there is no smoke without fire on this one and wouldn’t be surprised to see him cut back on the amount he plays in some shape or form. You can read more from the attorneys here.

In the Daily Telegraph, Nick Hoult is claiming that England are going to drop Paul Collingwood in place of Ravi Bopara for tomorrow’s game with South Africa.

The article claims that as well as being out of form, Collingwood has been having knee trouble too.

It has been confirmed that should a batsman get injured that – as he was named in the original squad – Eoin Morgan would be allowed to replace him, that’s one bonus for England with KP and Collingwood both carrying niggles.

Could and would the England management be so ruthless as to advise Collingwood that his injury is worse than first thought, and that they are sending him home, with Eoin Morgan coming the other way?

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