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England have what it takes to win the World Cup

England have what it takes to win the World Cup, not my words, but the last post on Geoff Boycott’s website.

On Friday’s performance against Bangladesh, I’d be rushing out another article to try and bury that one quickly.

More reasons why this won’t happen at the moment is because of the bowling of Jimmy Anderson. From his 5 games he has now took 4 wickets at an average of 70.50 and at an economy rate of 6.55.

As he is supposed to be the leader of our attack, I’d say that our bowling is in trouble.

The opening slot alongside Andrew Strauss is now starting to resemble the left sided problem the England football team has had for the last 10 years.

We don’t appear to be able to settle on the balance of the side either, will it be Colly or Yardy against West Indies?

We now apparently can’t handle dew either, just what is going on? Maybe Pietersen knows something we don’t and got out at the right time.

The body language of some of the players that I picked up on the highlights tonight was awful, and I include the captain in that.

There was a passage of play at the end of the match when the commentator claimed Bresnan asked Strauss for a slip in the penultimate over, he didn’t get one and Bresnan and Anderson walked back to the start of Bresnan’s run up laughing and joking.

I sat there watching it wondering if they were slagging Strauss and saying something like ‘we’ll never win with negative tactics in charge.’

The players didn’t look a happy bunch to me, and by that I mean they didn’t look too happy with each other.

The most bizarre thing of all though was the clip on Sky Sports of the police giving the celebrating Bangladesh fans a good lashing outside the ground, where were these police when it was kicking off last week?

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. just a couple of months ago, England were a happy bunch after clinching the Ashes….now, look at them…such is the fickle nature of sport

  2. At last, he’s updated!! Took him 2 days.

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