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"Don’t Bother" says Andy Anson

And I’d have to agree with him. I thought that Andy Anson made some very interesting points in his media briefing this morning, none more so than his view that it isn’t worth bothering to bid again for a world cup while this current regime and process is still in place.

I liked the fact that Anson totally dismissed the view from FIFA that our media was to blame for our public humiliation. To me that was just a convenient excuse for the FIFA executives to use to defend their disgusting, two-faced actions.

He also said “Russia did a lot of last-minute lobbying and votes appeared to switch at the last minute – we know some switched in the early hours of the morning.”

I couldn’t help thinking that he was insinuating that some kind of dodgy underhand dealings had gone on in the early hours of Thursday morning.

It seems clear to me that there was tactical voting. There was stories doing the rounds early in the week that members might switch votes to Holland and Belgium for the 1st round of voting just to get rid of England, it now looks clear that that happened.

To lose is one thing, to be deliberately stitched up is another. Australia were also clearly a victim of this as well.

I see that they have now rightly waded into the argument, with their bid member Ron Walker claiming that “There has been some contamination of the voting system in Fifa in the last 12 months.”

The Aussie bid got just one vote, that is just an outrage. Anson picked up on this when he pointed out that England, Australia and USA (3 of the strongest bids) managed just 6 votes between them in the opening round of voting.

The Aussie betrayal is the most staggering one of all though. If we are going to work on the theory that FIFA wanted to take the game to new parts of the globe, then why not Australia?

They have never hosted the tournament before and their bid was far stronger than that of Qatars. So why only the 1 vote? It is an absolute disgrace, we think we were badly treated in England, so how must Australia feel?

I actually do hope we now take our ball home with us. It might look childish but I believe we should now keep our distance from FIFA and show them little respect, as they did us.

No more welcoming them with open arms, no more meaningless friendly matches, no more visits to Downing Street and no more fraternizing with David Beckham.

We should give Blatter and co the cold shoulder.

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