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Differing Expectations

The lunch break on Test Match Special today made for fascinating listening.

Aggers was taking views from around the world of cricket and the interviews with Ian Chappell and Wasim Akram made for the most interesting listening.

As is always the case with Chappell, he has an opinion on just about everyone and everything and isn’t afraid to give it. He said he fancies Australia’s chances against South Africa, as they couldn’t even beat New Zealand in the recent world cup. I think he was basically saying that SA are not that mentally strong.

He also said he doesn’t rate New Zealand and he thinks that Australia could beat Sri Lanka and on current form, India. Nothing shy about those views.

The one opinion which all us poms would have been delighted to hear, as was Aggers, was his view that it will be a few years before Australia can compete with England again.

Hold that thought, and to hear it coming from Ian Chappell made it all the more sweeter.

The Wasim Akram interview was short and sweet and basically summed up the lack of expectations of Pakistani cricket at the moment. When asked about the chaotic nature of Pakistani cricket, Akram relied with ‘we have a new captain now so hopefully he will be in place for at least 6 months.’

Fair play to Wasim, at least he isn’t over optimistic or getting carried away with things.

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