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David Haye V Audley Harrison

The big fight is nearly upon us and I really hope it lives up to all the hype. All too often in the past, ‘Audinary’ Harrison’s fights have badly failed to live up to expectations.

This time we have certainly had an entertaining build up to the fight, lets just hope the press conferences don’t turn out to be more exciting than the actual fight is.

Audley has previous for talking a good fight and failing to deliver, surely the fact that this is his last chance means we won’t be treated to another one of his hugging contests.

The fight has certainly captured the imagination of the British public, if not the Klitschko brothers, who have branded it the heavyweight championship of London. In fairness Wladimir’s next opponent is Dereck Chisora, so he shouldn’t take the piss out of Haye too much.

Even giving Audinary a 3 stone weigh advantage, I still expect Haye to be victorious. I believe the biggest risk to Haye’s belt is his own ego, but to look at him, he looks like he is taking the fight serious.

I also hope Haye wins (not because I’m anti Harrison, as I’m not) because a defeat will be a massive set back in his quest to take on either of the Klitscho’s. There is plenty of hype about who is ducking who, but ultimately I think all parties want the fight and a Harrison victory would throw a huge spanner in the works.

I wouldn’t put a penny on Harrison, but I also wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he caused an upset. After a career that promised so much and delivered absolutely nothing, it would be just like him to knock Haye out.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


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  2. How the bloody hell did Audley manage to convince us he was in with a chance again? I feel cheated! 🙂

    Haye and Klitchko, Pacquiao and Mayweather…stop fannying about, hurry and just get it on.

  3. Think you’ve summed it up well Stani. Didn’t waste my money with Sky Box Office, went to the pub instead, not totally convinced it was even worth that investment.

    Think Audley should now go into a new career in promoting or PR. If he is capable of convincing us that last night was going to be a competitive contest, then surely he is capable of getting people to believe anything:)

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