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Darts or Golf? Don’t ask Poulter

Which is a proper sport? And which isn’t?

Maybe Ian Poulter knows the answer.

On the whole I like Poulter, but sometimes I do think he should think a bit more before he opens his mouth, or his blackberry.

His recent Twitter outburst against Phil Taylor coming second in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award was out of order in my mind, to compare darts to tiddlywinks was wrong.

It’s not as if golf is the most physical and enduring pursuit going, to be attempting to look down on darts from the elevated heights of a bunker is a touch rich. If Brian Moore or Joe Calzaghe had made the remarks, maybe they would have had a bit more credability, but not coming from Poulter.

It was remarkable to see Taylor overjoyed at coming second, it must have been the first time ever he celebrated being a runner up.

There has long been a debate about whether darts should be categorized as a sport, as there has been snooker and even Poulter’s beloved golf.

Whether they are or not is open to debate. Of course none of them are like boxing or rugby. But for me, they are all sports.

If I won it as a golfer or darts player, I would probably be embarrassed to stand next too Martin Johnson or Lennox Lewis, as maybe Phil Taylor would be too. But Taylor dosen’t make the rules.

Poutler has history of making these sorts of stupid remarks. He once said he was the 2nd best golfer in the world, when he wasn’t even ranked in the top 10 and hadn’t won much of any note.

He seems to be good at standing in a glass house casting stones.

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