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Congratulations to Adrian Lewis

He is far from my favourite Darts player, but fair play to Adrian Lewis. On the night he was the better man and fully deserved his PDC Darts World Championship win. When it came to hitting the crucial doubles, Lewis hit more than Anderson did and that was the real difference.

Gary Anderson must be kicking himself though, I thought he was the best player over the course of the tournament, but that dosen’t win you the final. His old achilles heel of not hitting his doubles returned when he least needed it, up until the final, Anderson seemed to have ironed it out of his game. There has never been a problem with his scoring, just his finishing.

Phil Taylor may have gone out of the tournament in the quater-finals, but that in no way weakened the quality of the compertition. I firmly believe that either of the two finalists would have beaten Taylor comprehensively had he limped his way to the final beating people with his reputation, rather than the quality of his darts.

I’m not writing him off, but he wasn’t on the same playing field as Mark Webster, Adrian Lewis or Gary Anderson. Anderson made van Barneveld look like a qualifier in his quarter-final, it was ridiculous.

It has been another great PDC tournament, I will probably have withdrawal symptoms now for the next few days, but I doubt they will be enough to make me watch the BDO tournament on the BBC.

Ted Hanky or the PDC? Not a hard choice really.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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