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Come on Europe!

I am off to Celtic Manor in the morning to (hopefully) watch Europe reclaim the Ryder Cup from the hands off those damn Yanks.

I’m hoping to avoid having to hear any ‘arseholes’ shouting get in the hole after a tee shot on a 500 yard hole, or for that matter hearing it shouted at all. Sadly I fear that there is a certain amount of inevitably about that though.

Putting that aside, hopefully the weather won’t wreck the day. I had feared on Friday that given the weather they might run over into Monday, this wouldn’t have been the worst outcome but I had bought my tickets with a view to being there when the outcome of the trophy is decided.

When the rain break came on Friday it seem to help the USA. Things didn’t look good for them when they walked off the course, but it improved when they came back out. Taking this into consideration, I hope the same thing dosen’t happen on the resumption on Sunday morning with Europe up in all 6 matches.

So far the Yanks have had a bit of a strange week. Corey Pavin hasn’t covered himself in glory with stupid remarks comparing the competition with war, I always cringe at comments like that. Then we had the water-proofs, or non water-proofs as they turned out to be.

All this is hopefully a pointer to how the tournament will end for the Americans.

I do though expect it too be a tense final day and the chances are that the 12 singles will start with the match situation fairly even. But given home advantage and the will of the crowd I’m sure Monty’s team can do it.

Come on Europe!

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