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Come on England

I’m going to unashamedly indulge in a bit of good old fashioned patriotism tonight. For me England need to win this series, anything less than a series win will be an almightly let off for Australia who have been comprehensively outplayed by England over the course of the last six weeks.

If Australia walk away from Sydney with a drawn series, it will be daylight robbery. The record books won’t say that they were second best either. England need to compound their superiority in Sydney.

A couple of good partnerships is needed when we resume later, a 1st innings lead of 100-150 should be enough to seal a win, anything less than 50 runs and we could be in trouble having to bat last on that wicket.

Not wanting to tempt fate, but it would take a spectacular batting collapse for England to come up short of Australia’s 1st innings score. I know England must be getting a touch jaded by now, hopefully we can dig deep over the remaining 3 days.

We were a bit scrappy at times on Day 2. We let Australia off the hook with the Johnson, Hilfenhaus patnership and lost one wicket too many, with KP going when he did.

One more big push with the bat today could do it. So come on Colly, you’re due some runs. Bell has had a good tour and could do with a big score to show Australia just how good he really is. Prior cashed in on his good luck last week, so hopefully the extra confidence he must now have will get him plenty more runs and Bresnan can chip in with some lower order runs. And just for good measure, maybe Swann is due a few runs too.

So come on England, you can do it.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Yep, my view exactly. 2-2 means England have retained, and in fact won nothing. Not the same as 1-2 or 1-3.

    Not sure what your view is on this Dean, but I hope they bring a bit more class to the celebrations though. One thing I do admire about Australia is that they generally not only know how to lose, but how to win too i.e. how to take defeat and victory.

  2. Hi Stani,

    Are you referring to the dancing around the MCG, or the open top bus in 2005?

    Definately no open top bus again, that was ridiculous.

    I hope that there is no real big hoohah as they have an ODI series still to come, and also a world cup to prepare for.

    I would prefer to see them show some restraint, and have an attitude that says to the Aussies ‘the jobs not yet done, we still have plenty of work to do here’. Not go around lording it up like in 2005.

    They say they want to be the best side in the world, (and lets be honest, looking at events in Cape Town, England are still a fair bit behind), so prove the intent by showing that this is just a part of the process and that we are still on a mission to crush Australia in all forms of cricket.

    Thats what the best sides would be aiming to do.

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