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Chris Tremlett = ECB Central Contract?

I’m a bit confused and and in need of some advice here.

Let me explain, I heard earlier in the week that Chris Tremlett had been awarded an incremental contract. My first thoughts on this was why wasn’t he given a central contract?

Surely he is worth one, so why not?

Is it that they are only awarded on an annual basis at the end of September? So he will have to wait?

One theory that popped into my head courtesy of my over active imagination, is that maybe due to Tremlett’s past temperament issues, the awarding of a central contract might see him slip back into his comfort zone.

I can see the logic in giving him a contract as I would assume that going forward he is now likely to be a part of the test side. Not so sure about ODI’s, but I can see him being used as back up for Stuart Broad in them.

On doing a bit of research, I have found that he has been awarded this contract automatically as he has reached the threshold of 20 points. The points are apparently awarded based on the amount of performances.

So basically it’s not a case of someone within the ECB saying ‘I know, lets give that Chris Tremlett fellow a contract, he’s done jolly well recently.’

Maybe Gile$ Clar£e is worried about finances, that could be another possible theory.

If the lack of a central contract is down to the calender reasons I mentioned above, then I can understand it. If it’s for any other reason, I’m a bit puzzled.

Anyone out there who is an expert in central contracts, help!

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