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A lot has been made of choking in the blogging community (not on this blog) after South Africa’s defeat to England last Sunday and England’s defeat to Bangladesh on Thursday.

Here is my take on choking, I hope it makes some sense.

First England choked against India, then India choked against England, then Ireland choked against Bangladesh, then England choked against Ireland, then South Africa choked against England. Is everyone keeping up?

Then it starts to get really confusing as Bangladesh choked against England but still won.

Then yesterday India choked against South Africa, South Africa choked against India and India again choked against South Africa.

So in summary, it would appear that everyone chokes against each other, so who the hell are the real chokers?

Even Graeme Smith is getting involved, claiming that he hopes the win over India finally rids them of their ‘chokers’ tag.

To claim England chocked against Bangladesh though is laughable.

Choking in my view is losing your nerve in sight of the finish line in a big match of importance.

Jimmy White’s missed black in 1994, Greg Norman in the 1996 US Masters, Jean Van de Velde in the 1999 Open Championship, South Africa in the 1999 World Cup, maybe even England in the 1987 World Cup final, etc.

Did Strauss and his men really start to panic that they might lose after they claimed the 8th Bangladesh wicket with still over 50 runs needed? Did England really bottle it in that situation?

Or is it more likely that they were walking around the outfield in the belief that the last 2 wickets would be a formality, thinking that the job was done and we can now relax ahead of the meaningless West Indies game?

I’ve been following England for long enough to know what happened.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. It’s sad that when Pakistan choke, people call it fixing. You should have seen the tweets the English tabloid’s journos were tweeting during Ross Taylor’s Blitz Dean. Disgraceful. Accusing Pakistan of all sorts. With what happened in England, the ICC sniffing around our team and our board watching closely, Pakistan are the team to worry about least at the World Cup when it comes to fixing! But this is the damage Butt, Asif and Amir have done. Morons.

  2. Thats true TJ, I didn’t see the tweets but I can well imagine the sort of things that would have been written. I actually thought it as I heard the match updates coming through.

    It’s wrong, but unfortunately that is the tag that the Pakistan team now has. I think until a clear out starting at the top with Ijaz happens, these cheap shots will continue to follow Pakistan around.

    I’m not suggesting that I think that should happen (except Ijaz going of course, and KA as discussed on your blog), just that the majority of English journo’s won’t take Pakistan seriously until something drastic like this does happen.

    It is a joke though, I’m no fan off the majority of the press in this country, how they get away with some of the crap they write is beyond me. Some of them are so poor this sort of ‘play to the gallery’ journalism is all they are capable off.

    They’re jumping on bandwagons mate. Pakistan are an easy target for cheap and lazy journalism.

  3. I agree Dean, some of the bigotry/boarding racism they get away with is astonishing…not talking just cricket here of course. But people don’t think for themselves these days do they? They just believe what they read. Scary.

    I suggested on Stani Army a while back and on various other blogs that Pakistan should try and source foreigners for as many posts on the board and the coaching staff as possible. Partly because the real qualified people on the admin side in Pakistan are busy sorting out more important messes so we only get rubbish administrators, and secondly they’ll be seen as reputable, giving a sense of professionalism and transparency to Pakistan cricket. It doesn’t even have to be forever. It can be for one cycle just while the trust is restored.

    Which footy team do you support by the way? I’m more football mad than I am cricket…strangely 🙂

  4. Coventry City – say no more.

    I do follow the premier league as well.

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