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Can England get the 2018 World Cup?

Well according to the bookmakers, England are now remarkably the favourites in the betting again. We were out to 3rd favourite on Monday after the now infamous Panorama programme, but are now back at around even money (with Bet365) favourites.

I think that the positive publicity created by the appearance of David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham seems to have sparked a new wave of optimism, resulting in a surge of punters wishing to back England to win the right to host the 2018 World Cup (probably our best chance of qualifying for it as well).

I must admit it did give me a bit more optimism when I seen the clip of the three of them sitting around the table, surely no other bidding nation could roll out a more prestigious line up than this (Cameron excepted). It also makes a change to see Prince William, President of the FA finally get involved, I had wondered what he did to justify his role before this week.

Good on the Prince though, I’m sure he could have found an excuse to get out of it, had he wished too. Also fair play to David Cameron, not my favourite person, but he has put in a decent shift. While if David Beckham can help pull this one off, to add to his help in getting the 2012 Olympics, then surely he must be in with a chance of getting a Knighthood in the new years honours list. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

As always with FIFA though, there is a nasty smell in the air around the way in which they conduct themselves in these situations. The whole process seems a bit suspicious, as does the way in which they act in general. How many of the English bid party are really comfortable with having to kowtow to what appears to be a less than scrupulous group of people?

I certainly wouldn’t find it easy to have to try and charm some of these characters in the way we are expecting our future King too.

I also won’t be too bothered if we don’t get the World Cup as a result of the Sunday Times investigation, or Pamorama. If FIFA don’t like being exposed as a bunch of crooks, then tough. If they want too take their ball home as a result of this, then they can piss off and do so – and stick their World Cup.

A couple of weeks in Spain and Portugal in 2018 probably won’t go amiss. I also wouldn’t be too disappointed at going to see Red Square either, although you won’t get me flying there with Aeroflot Airlines.

The real dodgy scenario result for FIFA would be if Spain and Portugal get 2018 and Qatar 2022, after the alledged vote fixing controversy that would really make FIFA look bad. Would they let this happen? Surprise me!

The key to clinching the deal would be if we can get the Jack Warner endorsement, apparently worth 3 votes. Would an invite to the royal wedding be enough to get Jack on side? Just think, Warner could then sell his invite on the black market in the same way as he is alledged to have done so with his world cup ticket allocation.

Everyone’s a winner!

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?

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  1. That time is too far but yes they can bring 2011 cup as they are in great form

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