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Can Darren Clarke win the Open?

I certainly hope so. The public seem to love him, he always plays the game in the right spirit and he always has a smile on his face. The hearts of the people of both the Irish and British nations went out to him when he and his family suffered their tragic loss.

I honestly don’t think there could be a more popular winner than the big guy.
He has come close before and too be brutally honest I think he lost his nerve. He’s not the first and won’t be the last too suffer that and better players than Clarke have bottled it in the home straight.

He can also take heart from the successes of Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy over the past 14 months, although he’s not in Rory’s class, he must surely look at what they’ve achieved and think he can at least win one major.

There must also be a major feel good factor around Northern Irish golf at the moment which could also help him, it’s certainly a golden period for the country’s golf.

Indeed if you look at the nation of Ireland as a whole, they have been the dominant European golfing nation over the last 4 years. Along with Padraig Harrington, since 2007 Ireland has won 5 majors on both sides of the Atlantic.

We keep hearing about how great the English golfers are, we may well have two players rotating the World Number 1 ranking, but we don’t have any major victories to speak off. Ireland has 5 in 4 years.

My head tells me Clarke won’t do it, but I really do hope I’m wrong – and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve called something wrong on this blog.

One thing for sure is if he does win, I think Sandwich might run out of Guinness and cigars later tonight.

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