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Brett Lee hopes for Headingley return

Brett Lee talked up his propects in a bid to convince all that he is ready for the 4th test starting on Friday, what he thinks of Shane Watson’s remarks on Wednesday is another thing. Who needs opposition enemy with a team mate who questions whether you are ready to retake your place in the side in the manner in which Watson did yesterday.

Brett Lee has stepped up his bowling in the nets and on Wednesday bowled a hostile spell for more than an hour after which he claimed was at full pace. He also said that he has now bowled for 8 days straight and when asked if he felt fit to play gave a firm positive answer “yes, 100%”.

He apparently seemed very bullish and confident in his ability to last five days and seemed to be trying to send a blunt and positive message to the Aussie tour management that he is now ready and expects to be selected.

Quite how happy he would have been with Shane Watson’s input at a press conference yesterday is debatable. When you are trying to convince the management you are fit and ready to go the last thing you want to hear is one of your team mates questioning this by telling anyone who will listen that in his opinion you probably aren’t ready to play.

Watson said “Obviously he’s still maybe a game away to get under his belt before he might be in calculation for selection, but it’s great to see him out there firing.” perhaps referring to the 2 day England Lions match at Canterbury on 15 & 16 August.

Maybe Watson is not the sharpest tool in the box – the wording of that particular sentence might back up that theory – and just got his words jumbled up, or maybe there is a more sinister approach and he feels the selectors might go with 5 bowlers and that if they do his position will be under pressure as they would have to leave a batsman out, going on Watson’s brief but entertaining bowl at Edgbaston you wouldn’t select him for his bowling.

Surely this could only be a prospect if they go to The Oval still 1-0 down. Either way Lee can’t have been too impressed.

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