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Better from England

Some better news for England at last, Friday’s victory over Pakistan gave more encouragement as we saw an improved all round performance by the team.

Positives in the batting came with Paul Collingwood at last getting some runs and Kevin Pietersen showing some form in his new role at the top of the order. From the reports I read and heard, Pietersen wasn’t slogging, he was playing proper cricket shots.

We also had Matt Prior chipping in with some valuable runs, he looks far more effective coming in down the order.

We got another typical Bell innings, getting off to a good start and then getting out when well set, suppose the same can be said of Bopara, this is where we are really going to miss the injured Eoin Morgan.

In the bowling department, it was good to see Collingwood bowl all his 10 overs after his recent injury problems, we never know when and how many overs we might need from him, but at least this shows he is capable when required.

Another positive was to see Broad and Bresnan have a good run out, in particular Bresnan. Broad has been nursed back after his injury with the medical staff making sure he wasn’t pushed too fast, too quickly. No such luxaries were available with Bresnan who just had to be chucked in at the deep end.

All-in-all, after the Canadian near miss on Wednesday and the Aussie thrashings, this was a major improvement. Maybe it took a game with a bit of added needle to galvanise England into producing a better performance.

Hopefully this is the turning point in our disappointing run. We are getting more of our first choice players back now, so there can be no more excuses if the team fails badly over the next few weeks.

Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?


  1. Dean,
    I think it’s very easy to be critical of those that come in certain positions, or situations of a line-up/innings, especially in the 50 over format. Both Bopara and Bell will not be able to play an innings to their pace very often due to this, although Bell has been moved up recently. It is almost a sacrificial role in the 50 over game, which is why we mustn’t be too critical. Misbah had a similar role for Pakistan and he was criticised a lot for it in that he didn’t finish of games or got a start but didn’t go on.

  2. That’s true in some instances Stani.

    It might be a touch harsh on Bopara, but with Bell, he has had quite a few chances to build and pace an innings in Australia and blew it every time.

    I hate criticizing Bell, as I’m a massive fan of his and I have never been one of his many knockers that he has had over the years, I have regularly stuck up for him.

    Currently, I think he does ok, but with his talent he is capable of a lot more.

    I just think that he doesn’t impose himself on the game as much as he should. The time has come for him to start playing the sort of innings’ that wins a match.

    He is good enough, and without Morgan we need someone to step up to the plate more than ever now if we are to have any chance in this competition. Also with KP gone up the order, we lose him from the match winners in the middle order.

    Bell got out in the 31st over, Bopara the 43rd. After 40 overs I can understand someone taking more risks and unless it is braindead cricket, it is hard and usually wrong to criticize them.

    But in the 31st over there is still time to play an innings to define the match, Bell gets out at this stage far too often for me.

  3. Yep, I like Bell too Deane, he’s the classiest English batsmen since Vaughan. I think if he is shown the same faith as the likes of Cook and Collingwood are, we will see him play without that pressure and will see him impose himself. At the moment it he probably still feels he’s gonna get dropped every time he fails.

    Hopefully Bopara can bring something with his medium changes of pace on those tracks and add something to the mix Morgan would not have been able to. Those middle, dead periods in ODIs can be vital in the balance of a match when the captain needs to use his 3nd string bowlers.

  4. He is England’s classiest batsman. I know he’s not long back in the ODI side so maybe you have a point, whereas he is pretty much nailed on for his place in the Test side.

    I suppose there isn’t much chance of him getting dropped in the world cup, so he has now got a run in the side to play the sort of innings I have been on about.

    Thats a good point about Bopara, it’s easy to forget that he bowls the sort of pace that could be effective in those conditions. Something that Morgan doesn’t.

  5. Yeh, since Collingwood’s retired, that Test spot’s his.

    P.S, forgive the mistakes on my previous post. I have a number of keys missing on my laptop (thanks to my nephew!) so I don’t know what I’m pressing sometimes 🙂

  6. No problems Stani, I know what it’s like I have a daughter just under the age of two continually trying to wreck the keyboard on my laptop.

    So far I have just managed to keep all my keys, but it’s only a matter of time.

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