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Bad Light or Bad Decisions

I was at the cricket at Edgbaston today and I was left fuming with the three occasions that the umpires took the players off the field for bad light. I understand that rules are rules and I’m not condemning the umpires as I’m sure they are only adhering to the rules, but these rules need changing.

If it is the umpires who are at fault, then put them straight. If it is ICC rules or guidelines that are wrong, then they need sorting out now as this is damaging cricket.
I was there and I am 99% certain that it wasn’t any brighter when those players came back on, than it was when they went off. Also, what was the point in taking the players off an over from the end as well?

I know it sounds a bit petty, and some might think ‘it was only one over’ but it was ridiculous. It wasn’t dangerous as two spinners were on. On top of the previous two incidents it just compounded my anger at crickets continued attempts at shooting itself in the foot.

We have lost the tactical decisions that batting teams used to take in using bad light to leave the field, and I believe that to be a good thing. But ICC have to do more to ensure that the players are out on the pitch whenever possible, I don’t believe it was that dark from what I seen today.
I could clearly see the ball from my seat over 100 yards away. If it was that dangerous I’m sure Andy Flower would have gone to see the match referee and had play halted. Tim Bresnan stood at the crease for a few seconds and dropped his head down in despair on the second occasion they were taken off. He clearly couldn’t believe it.
I was at Edgbaston in 2008 when Andrew Flintoff worked Jacques Kallis over. Apparently Kallis couldn’t pick the ball as it was coming from a height above the sight screen. If this is true (rather than just a convenient excuse) then that one passage of play was far more dangerous than anything seen today – and they didn’t leave the field on that particular day in 2008.
When are ICC going to learn that punters pay a lot of money to come and watch cricket. TV companies also pay a lot of money, maybe when they start to kick up a stink something might get sorted. Until then we will continue to get robbed, as I believe I was of 2 overs and 5 balls (allowing for the 2 overs lost for change of innings).
One thing I did notice today was that during the second occasion the players went off the umpires stayed out on the pitch. While out there a young woman ran out and seemed to give the umpires a message and within 10 seconds they called the players back out.
Would your cricket loving Buddies enjoy this?
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