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Back in the Balance

Are England just teasing us fans, or are they the real deal?

I watched the 1st session before giving into sleep last night, then when I put my TV on in the morning with the ususal trepidation, I was half expecting to find Australia all out for 200, or find that they spanked England’s bowlers and ended Day 2 on about 300 for 4.

As it turned out I was pleasantly surprised to see how well we had contained the Aussies, but disappointed to see we had them in trouble at 5/143 and let then recover.

I still can’t make my mind up whether England are going to collapse in a heap, or take control of the test and live up to pre Ashes expectations. Maybe today will answer that question.

One thing I did notice from watching session 1, was how watchful of the English attack Australia were. There was no thrashing it all round the park in the way Hayden and Langer would have done 4 years ago, there seemed to be a lot of respect given to the English quartet.

I know I wrote it yesterday – and I’m writing it again today. The first session is key.

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