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Aussies deservedly win Cricket World Cup, but…..

I have to say that I agree with Michael Clarke when he said that it was Australia’s bowlers that won them the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Mitchell Starc was outstanding, and he was well backed up by – unlikely understudy – Mitchell Johnson and Josh Hazelwood, but the ironic thing is that beyond those three, there was very little to write home about with the Aussie bowling.

There is no spinners of any note and Shane Watson doesn’t look enthusiastic about bowling at all. Fourth seamer James Faulkner looks a bit of a mixed bag, but his world cup stats are decent as he took 10 wickets in six matches at an average of 19.60. I did think he struggled in some matches, but he bailed his overall world cup figures out nicely in the final with an impressive 3/36 from nine overs.

Not bad going for a team’s bowlers to win you the world cup, with effectively only having 3-4 bowlers. Most teams who have weak fourth, fifth and sixth bowlers usually get punished, but not this Australian side – which just goes to show how good their front bowlers are.

Now this might sound like sour grapes, but I can assure you it isn’t. I like Australia as cricketers when they just play cricket, but due to the antics that go with this team, I find them hard to like on a personal level and as a result, I did want New Zealand to win the world cup final.

The level of mindless abuse is staggering. They are doing for cricket, what Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United football team’s did for respecting referees. I don’t like all the abuse, and the worst thing about it is that they are probably a good enough side to get by without it all.

Before I start to look like an Aussie basher, I was equally annoyed – and critical on here – with the level of umpire badgering and general abuse that went on under Andy Flower’s England tenure, when the likes of Broad, Anderson and particularly Graeme Swann always seemed to be getting a touch too verbally aggressive towards umpires. Not to mention opponents, and even their own players.

I am also not bitter because England didn’t win. If this England side had somehow managed to fluke their way to a world cup win, it would have been a poor day for world cricket. England are garbage, they haven’t a decent bowler in their ranks (outside of English conditions), and this was badly shown up in this competition.

I prefer to look at an example like New Zealand. The Black Caps play the game in a hard aggressive way, but there is little of that sort of rubbish from them. I have no problem with a bit of verbal’s, but some of the mindless rubbish we have been seeing from this Aussie team over the past 12-18 months just looks like yobbish, loutish behaviour.

Along with introducing a winning mentality to this team, hopefully the loutish behaviour will also go down as Darren Lehmann’s legacy as well, it deserves too. If winning at all costs is that important, then congratulations.

Moving on, and we now have T20 cricket to look forward to with the IPL starting on Wednesday 8th April, when the Kolkata Knight Riders take on the Mumbai Indians, at Eden Gardens.

This tournament runs until the final on Sunday 24th May, also at Eden Gardens, with just the 56 round robin matches being played between the eight franchise teams.

bet365 make Chennai Super Kings the favourite for this year’s competition, they are 3/1 to win their first IPL title since 2011, and will be looking for an improvement on last season’s semi-final defeat. bet365 have plenty of IPL betting markets including top IPL batsman and top IPL bowler, there are also plenty of bet365 offers for existing customers to be found if you like betting on football, or sports in general.

A lot of the stars of the cricket world cup will be present at this year’s IPL, and also a few English donkeys, sorry, I meant qualified players. Not present will be Kevin Pietersen, who has cancelled his contract as it now appears that he is being lined up by in-coming new ECB chief, Colin Graves, to take on the Gobby Aussies for the Ashes this (English) summer.

The world cup may be over, but with the IPL starting next week, and plenty of exciting cricket on the horizon this summer, including the possible return of Pietersen for the Ashes, there is no shortage of top quality cricket to be looking forward to.

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