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Audinary, Audrey or Fraudley?

I’ve heard them all today. I’ve also heard Audley called a coward, a fraud, a disgrace to boxing, etc, he has been absolutely caned.

All the jokes have been doing the rounds as well, like ‘What has Audley got in common with Michael Jackson? They both wore gloves for no apparent reason’. And in his new career, he should try boxing as he has never done it before.

He has been slaughtered by the boxing world as well. Frank Warren said he shouldn’t receive all of his share of the purse, as it sends out the wrong message if you let people think they can just turn up and not try, just to get their money.

Frank Maloney put the boot in as well saying “Harrison should be locked up for impersonating a fighter. If the Board let Harrison have his purse it is sending out totally the wrong message.”

Having had a couple of days to digest it all I’m going to buck the trend and stick up for Audley (just a bit). I know he only threw one punch, which is a disgrace, but Haye wasn’t too active himself in those opening 2 rounds.

Those who say Audley only turned up for his money are also wrong, if that was the case then why did he get up after the first knock down?

For all the people moaning about wasting their money on a ticket, or giving Sky 15 quid, they have only got themselves to blame. No one can say that they hadn’t been warned, all you have to do is look at Audley’s track record – it speaks for itself.

So get over it and stop whinging!

Yes, the fight was a total mismatch, a total dog with fleas, but I don’t believe it was a fraud. Harrison was humiliated on Saturday as Haye was simply just too good, and he has to live with that. Thats it though, there was no robbery, no betting sting, it was just one of those things.

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