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Ashes Madness

This Ashes series has truely gone crazy over the last couple of weeks. The whole series seems to have now got as exciting off the field, as it is on it.

I’m currently struggling to decide what is the madest thing I’ve heard or read. We’ve had the crazy car park antics of the two Ians, the bring back Warne campaign, Michael Clarke’s twitter apology and the sight of Alastair Cook with a current Ashes average of 225.

In fact unbelievably there are four England batsmen currently averaging over 100, compared to Australia’s one. Yes, there is one, Mike Hussey at 133.33. For good measure, they also have four bowlers averaging over 100.

The Chappell/Botham feud was reported to have rared up again in the Adelaide Oval car park with both men apparently grabing each other by their lapels. It must have been an extraordinary sight.

It sounds quite funny in a way. They are two fierce competitors and are the sort of guys you would want beside you in the trenches. After more than 30 years it’s hard to see any kind of reconciliation now and there would be absolutely no chance of either man backing down.

Had to laugh when I read it. Cricket is great for these types of feuds, Boycott and Fletcher had a famous falling out and had to work together on Test Match Special 12 months ago, and with both Chappell and Botham working in the media, their paths are likely to continue to cross.

Speaking of Ian Chappell, I wonder what he would have said about Michael Clarke’s twitter apology for not walking. I bet the air was as blue as it could get, I’d have paid to watch/hear that. I wonder if Chappell will be backing him as the next captain after this?

I think the biggest laugh of the lot has to be the bring back Shane Warne campaign. If I were an Aussie, I would be embarrassed at the talk of bringing the great man back. Is this how desperate they have now become?

They are only 1-0 down in the series. People are quick to forget that if Hussey had held that catch early on Day 2, this could have been a very different test match. Talk about panicking.

I can’t believe that Warne hasn’t totally ruled it out either, he surely can’t be considering it. Despite me being a pom, I am a massive Warne fan and believe it would be mad for him to come back and end up looking stupid for not being up to the job. I also hope he dosen’t come back in case he is up to the job.

I really can’t take this one seriously though.

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