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Ashes Betting – Looks Like The Weather Wins!

Not much to be had here from a cricket betting perspective, as the match is over barring a miracle. For anyone still fancying a bet, the odds are, The Draw 1/100 – Australia 16/1 – England 66/1

I’ve made a bit of a mess with my trading of this Test match. I started off with a lay of Australia, and had I left things as they were, I would be in a nice position now.

On Saturday I finished off by stating be very careful if trading the draw. Apparently incapable of heeding my own advice, this is exactly what I didn’t do, and I now find myself looking down the barrel of a nice big loss. I wasn’t quick enough at cashing out last night when the Umpires were conferring over the light, and the rest is history.

It was totally my own fault, as I knew it was time to get out, but didn’t move quickly enough to get the desired price. And then I dug in hoping the weather might come good today, which it doesn’t look like doing, so 100% my own stupid fault.

Moving onto the Umpires, and I’ve tried to steer clear of criticising them in this series so far, but my patience has finally run out with the ridiculous decision to take players off for bad light yesterday. Yes, the conditions weren’t great, but international cricket has been played in far worse conditions than that.

The Umpires will be able to hide behind the law book when attempting to justify this decision, but it is yet another example of cricket shooting itself in the foot. And it wasn’t the only bad call from the Umpires yesterday, as they either didn’t notice (hard to believe), or chose to do nothing about England’s continued time wasting tactics – another thing that doesn’t help the image of cricket.

Onto a more positive note, and I’ve been impressed with David Warner’s attitude with all the stick and mickey taking he has had to endure in this Test match. Yes, he has brought it all on himself, but he has laughed it off and handled it all in quite an impressive manner.

From what we have been led to believe by the media, Warner is an explosive temperamental character who is quite likely to throw his toys out of his pram in the face of such banter, but the evidence I can see suggests this not to be the case.

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