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Ashes Betting, 5th Test, Day 3

The draw is now the odds on favourite with the bookmakers. Rain is expected later in the Test match, so even given the fact that the pitch is expected to break up, cricket betting punters don’t see enough time for a result to be forced.
The latest cricket betting odds for the 5th Test at the start of Day 3, sees The Draw as 1/3 favourite, Australia 3/1, and England are 10/1.
That could all change with a couple of early English wickets. But come the end of today’s play, I expect the draw price should shorten further, given rain is forecast for tomorrow. So be careful if trading cricket on Betfair, or on any betting exchanges for that matter.
Day 2 was another winning day for the Australians, another day deposited in the ‘positives’ bank, another centurion in the batting line up, and more credit for Darren Lehmann.
Lehmann seems to be landing on his feet here. Even if Australia don’t force the win in this Test match, Lehmann could be all of a sudden going home to Australia on the back of some decent positives. All good for his reputation. There’s nothing better than finishing a tour on a high note (when it come to covering up cracks, that is).
On top of that he also now appears to going on the attack in a big way, ramping things up by calling Stuart Broad a cheat, snidely complaining about England’s over rate on Twitter, etc. The cynic in me suggests this is a Lehmann publicity stunt before he arrives back in Australia on the back of a good hammering (in the scoreline anyway).
I also think Lehmann’s radio interview was a bit out of order. Not the ‘send Broad home crying’ lines, etc, that’s fine by me, I have no problem with him ramping/hyping things up. 
Calling fellow pros a cheat isn’t on though, especially when you advocate not walking in the same interview – and were no different yourself when you played. This is where I have a problem with things. Lehmann basically said, it’s only cheating if you edge it to first slip. What a load of bollocks! 
This isn’t an anti Australian rant, and it’s not just Lehmann who has annoyed me. England are far from perfect, I wished Broad had walked too, I also am appalled at the way England players have started surrounding the umpires and contesting decisions on a regular basis, it’s happening way to often for my liking these days. And it has to stop. 
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